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Adrienne Rubio

Let us tell your story.

Public relations is a cost-effective way to do business. Unlike traditional advertising, public relations reaches consumers on a more credible level. Let us show you how we can take your business to a higher level of success. Our staff has the experience in television, print and radio delivering the most impressions for the dollar.

{ Our mission }

Empower Public Relations operates on an entirely new business model: profit through appreciation. At Empower, we value the journey more than the destination. Our clients receive outstanding press and often benefit from learning about our business model. Through authentic, upfront communication and aligning activities with our clients’ goals we achieve a sense of happiness that helps us be the best PR people in the world. We keep our agreements and seek clients who will do the same. We only represent organizations that have interesting stories and which have personable and available spokespeople. Finally and most importantly, we function best with clients who view us as partners and freely express their appreciation for a job well done.

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