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Empower in the Media:

Date: 8.8.13
Dr. Laura Berman

FOX Chicago
Date: 1.17.13
Lance Armstrong

PR Daily
Date: 1.3.13
BlackBerry Blackout Policy

New York Times
Date: 1.1.13
Blackberry Blackout Policy
Date: 6.21.12
Blackberry Blackout

FOX Chicago
Date: 4.17.12
Derrick Rose

CBS Chicago
Date: 4.2.12
Oprah’s Business Empire

CBS 2 Chicago
Date: 12.29.11
Best PR Moves 2011

CBS 2 Chicago
Date: 12.29.11
Best PR Moves 2011

American Express Forum
Date: 9.15.11
Rep. Weiner Cheating Scandal

FOX Chicago
Date: 6.8.11
Rep. Weiner Cheating Scandal

WGN News
Date: 6.7.11
Rep. Weiner Cheating Scandal

ABC 7 Chicago
Date: 4.8.10
Tiger’s News Conference

Date: 3.20.10
Tiger Woods Returns

FOX Chicago
Date: 3.20.10
Tiger’s Image

NBC 5 Chicago
Date: 3.1.10
Tiger Woods Reputation

CBS 2 Chicago
Date: 2.19.10
Tiger Woods PR Nightmare

The Toronto Star
Date: 12.02.09
Tiger hurt by bunker mentality

Pacific Sun
Date: 02.20.09
The state of the state

CBS 2 Chicago
Date: 02.17.09
Aren’t We Sick Of All These Celebrity Apologies?

The Christian Science Monitor
Date: 08.22.08
Sales Down, So Firms Boost Morale

Date: 03.03.08
Bosses recommend napping on the job

ABC 7 Chicago
Date: 02.12.08
Blackberry Burnout

The New York Times
Date: 12.3.07
Kiss Your Wife, Not The Blackberry

BusinessWeek Article
Date: 11.19.07
Author: Kerry Sulkowicz, M.D.
Analyze This

Eye on Chicago (CBS)
Date: 11.18.07
Local CEO Gives Workers Free Lunch

No Gossip Zone Media Samples

CBS Chicago
Date: 3.29.12
Link: No Gossip Policy

The Times Of India
Date: 06.12.08
Link: Spreading Rumours May Get You Sacked

The Christian Science Monitor
Date: 06.02.08
Link: Some Employers Get Tough On Workplace Gossip

Date: 04.29.08
Link: Banning gossip at the office

Trump University
Date: 03.28.08
Link: Banning Gossip in the Office

Date: 03.01.08
Link: Loose Lips Sink Shifts

CBN News
Date: 11.20.07
Link: Water Cooler Talk May Cost You Your Job

Good Morning America
Date: 11.13.07
Producer: Joshua Gaynor
Link: Caution: This Office Is a Gossip-Free Zone
Video: Gossip-Free Office Environment